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451 W. Third Street, 10th Floor
P.O. Box 972
Dayton, OH 45422-1350

Phone: (937) 225-4351
Fax: (937) 225-6327

The next scheduled meeting is

Thursday, November 9, 2017

8:30 a.m. Room 1001

(the agenda will be posted once we have a quorum for the meeting)

There is no meeting for October 2017

  August 2017 Approved Minutes

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Erik S. Collins, Executive Director (937) 225-4642
Gwen Eberly, Economic Development and Planning Manager (937) 496-6941
Lawrence Weissman, AICP, Principal Planner  (937) 225-5712
Angela Swartz,  Secretary to Executive Director & Planning Secretary (937) 225-4351
Montgomery County Address Assignment Phone Number:  (937) 225-5712



The Montgomery County Planning Commission is the Platting and Subdivision authority for the unincorporated lands of Montgomery County. As the platting and subdivision authority, The Commission is responsible for the review of proposed subdivisions of land within unincorporated townships. That review is based upon the Subdivision Regulations, and the County Thoroughfare Plan (which sets future road rights of way and standards for intersections and driveways).

The Planning Commission also offers advisory (non-binding) recommendations to township governments regarding proposed amendments of township zoning maps, or zoning texts. The Long Range Land Use Plan for unincorporated lands is consulted as a guide for these recommendations.

Planning Commission staff is also responsible for assignment of new house and building numbers, and is the County liaison with the US Census.

Some notes on our staff functions:

County Planning Commission staff processes applications for lot splits and plats within unincorporated township lands, and presents cases to the County Planning Commission. Most lot splits can be acted upon directly by staff, while plats can only be acted upon by the Commission at one of its Regular public meetings. Applications for subdivisions and fees (payable in cash, or check to Montgomery County Treasurer) are filed directly with the Planning Commission.

Staff also presents township zoning cases to the Commission upon referral from township staff. Although the Commission has no zoning authority, township governments obtain a recommendation from the Commission on zoning amendments, in addition to a separate recommendation from Township staff. Zoning cases are initiated by application to the respective township offices, and are filed subject to the respective township's procedures.

Feel free to contact our Planning Commission staff with any questions.


Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Planning Commission Meetings:  
Second Thursday of every month, 8:30 a.m. in the Board of County Commissioners' Hearing Room, Tenth Floor, Montgomery County Administration Building, 451 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio