Staff Contacts

Position Phone Number
Administrator (937)225-3492
Assistant Administrator (937)224-3619
Court Security Sergeant (937)496-7702
Jail Sergeant (937)225-4034
Maintenance Supervisor (937)225-3375
Medical Director (937)225-3456
Medical Billing & Records Clerk (937)225-6170
Prisoner Account Clerk (937)225-5793
Prisoner Chaplaincy & Programs Coordinator (937)225-4105
Prisoner Information (937)225-4160
Prisoner Work Program (937)496-6921


The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office maintains zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. Family and friends can report allegations of resident sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and retaliation by calling the PREA Coordinator at (937) 496-3060 or send an e-mail to landiss@mcohiosheriff.org.