The Jail's recreation staff coordinates all prisoner recreational activities. Eligible prisoners are offered up to five hours of recreational activity weekly.  Basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong are among the activities that are available during recreation periods.


The recreation staff coordinate the library services within the jail. The recreation staff distribute a variety of reading materials, educational books, and legal manuals to each of the housing units.

Day Reporting Program

Non-violent offenders serving sentences may be screened for release into the Day Reporting Program in lieu of incarceration.  Prisoners in the program report daily and through their work perform valuable community-service, while under the supervision of sheriff’s deputies.  This program has the added benefit of teaching prisoners valuable work ethics and skills.

Prisoner Work ProgramPrisoner Work Program

The Prisoner Work Program has always been a vital part of the jail’s daily operations.  Prisoners are used to perform laundry services, kitchen duty, assist with commissary, and to assist with the overall cleanliness and sanitation of the facility.  In 1993, the Prisoner Work Program was expanded to include work details outside the Jail including washing patrol cars, assisting with loading dock deliveries, and picking up debris around county facilities.  This program saves the county money and provides meaningful activity for the prisoners.

Volunteer Program

A number of volunteer programs are made available to prisoners, including domestic violence/anger control classes and chemical dependency and alcohol/drug education classes.  The jail also offers computer classes, health classes and a self esteem program.  Worship services are offered weekly and a basic literacy program is available upon request.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, call us at (937) 225-4105.

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