Dayton 500 Race for Education

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Hot Wheels Elimination Drag Racing

 How it works

Race day is every Friday in February.

You can select a single car or a team of cars! 

To select your cars, visit this link

Each week, we'll perform a series of races in an elimination bracket. The last car standing wins!


You can also sponsor portions of the track, which will be viewable on the weekly race videos.

Track sponsors:
  • $20 per linear foot
Speedway signage:
 8.5"x11"  $10
 11"x14"  $15
 11"x17"  $20

To become a Sponsor, visit this link


 Weekly Champion  $15 gift card*
 Weekly Runner-Up  $10 gift card*
 Finals Champion  Trophy & $75 gift card
 Finals Runner-Up  $50 gift card

*Weekly Champions and Runners-Up are entered into a Finals Elimination Bracket Race 


Week 1

View Week 1 Race - Part 1

View Week 1 Race - Part 2

View Week 1 Bracket

Congratulations to the Week 1 Winner and Runner Up. 
These two cars are automatically added to the Final Races that will take place at the end of the month. 


Week 2

View Week 2 Race

View Week 2 Bracket

Congratulations to the Week 2 Winner and Runner Up.  

Week2 Dayton 500 Winner

Week 3

View Week 3 Race - Part 1

View Week 3 Race - Part 2

View Week 3 Bracket

Congratulations to the Week 3 Winner and Runner Up.  

Week 3 Winner Slide

Week 4

View Week 4 Race

View Week 4 Bracket

Congratulations to the Week 4 Winner and Runner Up.  

Week 4 Winner Images

Final Race 

View Final Race

Congratulations to the Final Winner and Runner Up.  

2022 Dayton 500 Finals

Dayton 500 Demolition Derby

How it works

Each person will be randomly assigned a vehicle. The vehicles will then be randomly assigned a starting position. Cars will race down the track to the Demolition Center where they will bounce and land.  You may land on a spot with points or you could be knocked off the course!  The car with the highest amount of points at the end of the Derby is declared the WINNER!

$50.00 Gift Card