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Domestic Violence Hotline
937-461-HELP (4357)




To Find Out Your Court Date - Call the Clerk of Court or Number Below
Your abuser's first court appearance may be within hours of arrest; it may be 7 days before the office and provide other court dates. 

  • Dayton Municipal Court – 333-4315
  • Oakwood Municipal Court – 293-3058
  • Kettering Municipal Court – 296-2461 (option 2)
  • Vandalia Municipal Court – 898-3996 (option 1)
  • Miamisburg Municipal Court – 866-2203 (option 1)
  • Montgomery County Municipal Court (Western Division – New Lebanon) – 687-9099 (option 2)
  • Montgomery County Municipal Court (Eastern Division – Huber Heights) – 496-7231 (option 1)
  • Montgomery County Common Pleas Court – 225-6000
Request Notice of Abuser's Release 
To be notified of abuser's release from jail or prison, register at VINE 1-800-770-0192. To find out if your abuser is in jail, you can call the Montogmery County jail at 225-4161, call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 937-461-HELP (4357) or go to Be sure to use a safe computer!

Call Pre-Trial Services
To give information to the court to consider before bail is set, call 225-3477, 496-3283, or 225-4425. Caution: not always confidential.

Develop a Safety Plan
Once abuse has started, it is likely to continue and get worse. Make a plan to protect yourself and your children. If your children are old enough, share the safety plan with them. If you are planning to leave your abuser, keep in mind that your abuser is likely to become more violent and/or unpredictable during or just prior to separation. It may be safer not to tell your abuser you plan to leave. See resources below for options for help to stay safe. 

HELP FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN     In an Emergency – Call 911

24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:  937-461-HELP (4357)

  • Crisis Assistance, including Safety Planning; calls answered by the Artemis Center.
  • Deaf individuals using Ohio Relay Service can ask for: 937-461-HELP (4357); TTY: 937-461-7910

Artemis Center:  Business Line:  937-461-5091 

  • Provides safety planning, information and referrals, legal information, court accompaniment, emotional support, support groups, and assistance with getting Protection Orders and applying for Crime Victim Compensation. Accepts collect calls. No fees for services.
  • Therapy for Children and Adults – No fees for services.

YWCA Dayton:  937-222-SAFE (7233)

  • Emergency safe shelter, safety planning services, information and referrals to other community resources, and related support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 24-hour hotline and walk-in services. Accepts collect calls. No fees for services. Accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. 
  • Housing assistance for those fleeing domestic violence. Case management services at St. Vincent de Paul Apple Street Shelter. Services for victims of sexual assault including support groups, crisis counseling, and advocacy. 

Family Service Association (Family Services):  937-222-9481; Video Phone:  937-641-8186; website:

  • Counseling, advocacy and support provided free to all crime victims, including childhood violence/abuse programs for victims of domestic viloence and their families. Also providing parenting education, psychiatric services, anger management and support groups; also serving Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing with counseling, case management and interpeting services.
  • Batterers Intervention Program (August Project). Batterer Intervention is the preferred treatment program for abusers.
  • Call for appointment  daytime, evening,  and weekend hours available, with some same-day appointments.

Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) Victim Witness Division Advocates:  937-225-5623 (24-Hour Crisis Line)

  • Assists victims of felony offenses throughout court process.
City of Dayton Prosecutor's Office - Victim Witness Division Advocates:  937-333-4400 
  • Assists victims of misdemeanor offenses in Dayton throughout the court process.

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE)

  • Provides free legal services related to immigration matters for domestic violence victims.

Legal Aid of Western Ohio  

  • People who are deaf can call Ohio Relay at 1-800-750-0750 and ask for 1-800-837-0814.
  • Provides free civil legal services to domestic violence victims on issues including obtaining a protection order, housing, public benefits, and education.

For both ABLE and Legal Aid, Call 1-888-534-1432 to apply for free legal services.

  • Interpreters are available at no cost.
  • Deaf individuals using Ohio Relay Service can call Ohio Relay Service can call 1-800-750-0750 and ask for 1-800-837-0814.
  • can also be used to apply for services.  Be sure to use a safe computer!


You have certain rights under the Ohio Constitution, which include, but are not limited to the right to be present at court proceedings, the right to provide a victim impact statement to the court, and the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. Please refer to your Marsy's Law pamphlet which should be given to you as part of this packet. If for some reason you were not given a Marsy's Law pamphlet, please call your local police agency and request one OR go online to Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center's website at

The option to "drop" charges is not available to the victim. Domestic violence is not only a crime against you, it is also a crime against the State. Therefore, once the case is accepted, the decision to "drop" charges can only be made by the prosecutor.

You have the right to provide the court with a victim impact statement. A victim impact statement may assist the court when making a decision in a case.

You have the right to request a protection order from the criminal court. A protection order issued by a criminal court will order the abuser to stay away from your residence, work, and/or school. The protection order will also order the abuser to refrain from contacting you in any way, including telephoning, harassing, or threatening you directly or through others. The kind of protection order available to you depends on your relationship with the abuser.  A Criminal Protection Order will expire when the case is resolved or dismissed.

To obtain relief through criminal court, follow the instructions given to you by the law enforcement officer who gives you this sheet. Depending on where you live in Montgomery County, you may be instructed to go to your local police department, prosecutor's office, and/or clerk of courts. Call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 937-461-HELP (4357) or Artemis Center at 937-461-5091 for information about obtaining a protection order and court accompaniment.

If your abuser is found guilty, your abuser may be put in jail or prison, ordered into batterer's intervention, ordered to pay a fine, put on probation, given a suspended sentence, or a combination of the above.


If you are related by blood or marriage to, have a child with, live with (as romantic partners), have lived with (as romantic partners) in the past 5 years, or are divorced from, or are in or have had a dating relationship with the abuser within the past 12 months, you can request a Civil Protection Order (CPO).  You can pursue a CPO whether the offender is an adult or juvenile. It is not necessary to have had an attornety to file for a CPO, but an attorney can assist you in presenting your case. Artemis Center can provide you with referrals to attorneys who can help.

Contact Artemis through the Domestic Violence Hotline 937-461-HELP (4357). You may also qualify for legal representation through Legal Aid of Western Ohio by calling toll free 1-888-534-1432. You can also contact the Public Coordinator for DV at Domestic Relations Court: 937-496-6859 or the Intervention Center at Juvenile Court 937-225-4141 for more information. A CPO is free of charge, can last up to five years, and may order the following:

  • Abuser to refrain from any harassment including via telephone, social media, directly or through others.
  • Abuser to stay away from your home, work or school
  • Temporary custody of children
  • Temporary use of family car
  • Child Support
  • Establish parenting time for children
  • Treatment for the abuser
  • Appointment of household items/pets/service animal

A victim of menacing by stalking or of a sexually oriented offense (or the victim's parent or adult household member) may request a Stalking And/Or Sexually Oriented Offence Protection Order (SSOOPO). It is not necessary to have an attorney to file for a SSOOPO, but an attorney can assist you in presenting your case. Artemis Center can provide you with referrals to attorneys who can help. Call Artemis through the Domestic Violence Hotline 937-461-HELP (4357).  A SSOOPO is free of chsrge and can last up to five years. When you file for a SSOOPO, you can also ask the court to order electronic monitoring of the abuser, if available in your jurisdiction.  

If your abuser violates your protection order, report the violation to your local law enforcement agency. Violating a protection order is a crime in Ohio. You have the right to enforce your protection order against the person who assaulted you. If your protection order is from Domestic Relations Court, you may also seek contempt proceedings. Remember, the protection order is against your abuser. You cannot be charged with violating your own protection order.

You may be eligible for Crime Victim Compensation for financial losses, such as medical costs and wages not covered by other insurance or benefits. Call toll free 1-800-582-2877 to find out if this option is applicable to your case. Artemis Center advocates and/or Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office Victim Witness advocates can provide you with the necessary forms and assist you with completing them or refer you to an attorney who can help you.