Bring Your Green Challenge 2.0

On April 27, the Montgomery County Commissioners, Dayton Regional Green, Dayton Power & Light (DP&L), Vectren, Energy Optimizers USA, and IGS Energy opened enrollment in the Bring Your Green Challenge 2.0, a friendly, year-long contest for government buildings, schools, commercial property owners/managers and office tenants to reduce costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource usage.

In 2015, Dayton Regional Green, DP&L and Vectren launched the inaugural Bring Your Green Challenge. Participants represented more than 5 million square feet of office space and 9,000 employees. The challenge resulted in energy savings of 5.8 million Kilowatt Hours, gas savings of 129 K CCF, and trash diversion of 17,469 tons.

Building on that success with existing and new partners, Bring Your Green Challenge 2.0 opened an additional platform focused on Healthy Schools, designed to groom a new generation of sustainable thinkers. Registration is open to businesses and organizations of all sizes through September 30, 2017. Participants must be green certified by September 30, 2017. Contest, challenges, and tracking will start August 2017 and continue for one year through July 2018. Bring Your Green announced and thanked 15 early adopters that have committed to participate in the Challenge, including:

•City Of Dayton
•Dayton Chamber Of Commerce
•Dayton International Airport
•Go Sustainable Energy
•Heapy Engineering
•Lexis Nexis
•Miami Valley Hospital South
•Montgomery County
•Waibel Energy Systems
•Sinclair Community College
•Bellbrook Sugarcreek Schools
•Tipp City Schools
•Trotwood Schools
•University Of Dayton

Bring Your Green Challenge 2.0 encourages participants to assess their practices and engage employees and students to foster a culture of sustainability. Online tools, trainings, workshops, best practices, and technical assistance will be provided along the way. Milestone awards, recognition, and cash prizes for Bring Your Green Challenge 2.0 winners are scheduled throughout the year.

The Green Business Certification is a program, designed to help businesses take basic green measures to reduce their ecological footprint, reduce their energy and resource use, and save money in the process. To learn more about the program, visit http://www.drg3.orgor email