Commissioners Reaffirm Commitment to the Environment

The Montgomery County Commissioners are reaffirming their commitment to a green future in light of the news that America is pulling out of the Paris Agreements.

“We feel it was critical to reaffirm our commitment to the environment here in Montgomery County,” said Commissioner Judy Dodge. “We want to stress that this development DOES NOT change our focus and we remain committed to building a green economy that improves the environment, creates jobs and saves money.”

The Commissioners are committed to building on the success of the Dayton Regional Green Initiative, a collaborative effort started by Montgomery County and its partners, to improve sustainability.

DRG’s Green Certified Business Program helps businesses become more energy efficient, which saves them money while reducing energy use.  To date, there are almost 600 businesses that are green certified. 

The inaugural DRG Bring Your Green Challenge for businesses resulted in a half million dollars and 5.8 million Kilowatt hours in energy savings, and trash diversion of 17,469 tons.  This year, area schools are taking on the Bring Your Green Challenge.

“Being environmentally responsible is also good for the taxpayers,” added County Commission President Dan Foley.  “Montgomery County recently negotiated its electric rates under a new 5-year agreement.  This contract will save Montgomery County $200,000 per year.”

“This isn’t about politics.  This is about creating new jobs, saving money and ensuring a healthier future,” said Commissioner Debbie Lieberman. “Most importantly, we believe we are obligated to leave a clean, safe environment for our children and grandchildren.”

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