Montgomery County Youth Resource Center and Clothes that Work: Preparing for Life in the Real World!

These workshops are available for all Montgomery County young people ages 14 through 24. Please call ahead and reserve your spot today:  937-496-7987.

Communication: Your Power Tool
7/18/2017 – 1pm
8/16/2017 – 10am

- Participants are taught about the impact of verbal and nonverbal communication, the importance of listening and seeking clarity, and how to use the right vehicle to send the right message to enhance professional image.

Etiquette: Behaviors Beyond the Handbook
7/19/2017 – 10am
8/23/2017 – 1pm

- Participants are taught about the importance of practicing certain behaviors in a professional setting and how those behaviors can lead to long-term professional success.

Social Media: Your Enemy?
8/2/2017 – 1pm
8/30/2017 – 10am

- Participants are taught about the impact social media can have on professional image and how to successfully manage an online presence to lead toward employment success.

Appearance, Attitude, and Confidence
8/8/2017 – 1pm
8/15/2017 – 1pm

- Participants are taught how to craft a professional image designed to create a positive first impression, how to decode a professional dress code, and how to dress appropriately for the right industry.

Networking: Putting Yourself in a Winning Position
8/9/2017 – 10am
8/29/2017 – 1pm

- Participants are taught how to enhance professional image by gracefully entering and exiting conversations in different settings and how to make new connections to enhance opportunities for employment success.

Youth Resource Center
1133 South Edwin C. Moses Blvd.
Dayton, OH  45422