County's New Digital Budget System Increases  Community Transparency

DAYTON (Aug. 30, 2022) – An online budget reporting system is helping Montgomery County save time and money while increasing community transparency.

The County's Office of Management & Budget is now using ClearGov's Budget Cycle Management software to gather data and efficiently communicate the use of tax dollars.

"As the former County treasurer, I know how vital it is to explain financial information," said Commission President Carolyn Rice. "We are committed to sharing these details with our citizens to promote accountability, and ClearGov helps us do that."

Through ClearGov, the County creates its annual budget book online. A digital platform saves on printing costs, is better for the environment and makes the County's budget more accessible for residents.

"The County budget directly impacts the quality of life of our residents," said Michael B. Colbert, Montgomery County Administrator. "We want them to see how we are utilizing tax dollars in a clear, easy-to-understand presentation. Our taxpayers need to know that we are accountable to them and are being responsible with our funds."

The software helps the County display budget information clearly and easily by converting data into interactive charts and graphs. Citizens can see a breakdown of property taxes, sales tax, program revenue, expenditures and more.

"As a multi-year Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award winner, Montgomery County continues to be a leader in delivering fiscal insights to its constituents in a clear and comprehensive manner," said Bryan Burdick, President and Co-Founder of ClearGov. "By adopting the ClearGov modern budgeting suite, Montgomery County joins more than 100 other counties who are utilizing the platform. ClearGov was endorsed by the National Association of Counties (NACo) as a best practice budgeting solution this past January."

NACo unites counties across the United States to advocate for federal policymaking, use taxpayer resources productively and enhance the public’s understanding of county government.

The Director of the Montgomery County Office of Management & Budget, John Parks, says the County has received the Award for Distinguished Budget Presentation for 40 consecutive years including the 2022 digital edition.

“A lot of work is put into the presentation each year,” said Parks. “We know that our citizens want transparency in government spending, and my team works hard to provide that level of detail.”

Montgomery County’s online budget information can be viewed here: