New 7204 recertification form for cash assistance, SNAP and child care

If you receive Cash, SNAP or Child Care benefits, please make sure you’ve updated your contact information in Ohio’s Self Service Portal (SSP)

Beginning March 1, the state will mail you the JFS-7204 form to your address when you’re due for a renewal. Recertification interviews will no longer be scheduled for SNAP and OWF clients. You must return the completed form with all verification documents by the due date or you risk losing your benefits.  

  • Complete the entire form, sign & date and return the form by the printed due date with proof of the following:  
    • Earned and unearned income
    • Household expenses (shelter, utility, child/dependent care cost, child support paid for children not living in the home)
    • Child Care clients must also submit proof of caretaker activity (school, training, employment) and list the name/address of their chosen child care provider   


You can download the form here: 

You can also access and submit the form and all verification documents through the SSP here: